Safe and sustainable playgrounds for everyone

To play is to explore the world. It's growing up. It's building the future. And all children deserve to play in safe, healthy outdoor spaces, in harmony with nature.

Corkeen is an innovative solution produced with cork, a 100 % natural raw material, for retained fall systems as playgrounds.

Developed and produced by Amorim, the cork industry leader, the Corkeen system is safe in the event of a fall, accessible, and environmentally friendly.

  • An innovative solution

    Produced with cork, a raw material of natural origin, reusable and recyclable, the Corkeen system is the sustainable, ecological, and safe solution the universe of playgrounds has been waiting for.

  • Respect for the planet and people

    Corkeen is synonymous with playgrounds with a mission: to create safer and more inclusive playgrounds for children while contributing to a better planet. Because the future is now.

  • Sustainable by Nature

    The Corkeen system is produced almost exclusively with cork, one of nature's most extraordinary products. Cork oak forests are natural retainers of CO2, the main cause of global warming. Resulting from the bark of these trees, cork is harvested every nine years, without cutting down any cork oak in the process.

  • Corkeen Brand Masters

    To ensure the result’s quality and safety, Corkeen works in partnership with Brand Masters, companies with recognized experience in the installation of retained fall systems that represent the brand and its system exclusively.


Bringing nature back into play

Discover the Corkeen system, a sustainable and ecological cork solution for retained fall systems in playgrounds and leisure spaces. Without harmful substances, it does not heat or release odors. Children play safely and the environmental impact is reduced.