Sustainable by nature

Nature as the starting point for a sustainable future

Our Future Today

Respect for nature is the essence of our existence.

In product design, the concept of sustainable development does not only mean meeting the current needs of markets, it means providing a response without compromising the future generations. Based on one of the most extraordinary raw materials, cork, combined with technological advances in industries and innovative methods of cork stoppers byproducts, Corkeen promotes the principles of sustainability in playgrounds and outdoor play spaces.

Corkeen has a negative Carbon Balance

It reaches carbon sequestration of up to -102 kg CO2eq/m2.

An independent study conducted by EY, has revealed that Corkeen has a negative carbon balance when considering the carbon sequestration of cork oak forests and the production-related emissions.

This study was based on the cradle-to-gate approach, that contemplates the environmental impacts of all activities, from the extraction of raw material, through the production of all components to the factory gate. It also included the transportation stages and on-site installation of the system.

The methodology was based on the ISO 14040/44 standards, complemented by the guidelines of the International Reference Life Cycle Data System (ILCD).

Decreasing the risk of desertification
The exploitation of the Montado brought the opportunity of economic and social development in these regions, through the creation of jobs directly and indirectly associated with this sector, contributing to the reduction of desertification.

Avoided soil loss
The cork oak forest regulates the hydrological balance of water flows and protects against soil erosion.

Fire prevention
The Montado (cork oak forest) acts as a barrier against fires.

  • Cork oak forest, a positive contribution for climate regulation

    The cork oak forest provides an essential contribution to the air that we breathe, by absorbing carbon dioxide.

    It is estimated that per each ton of cork produced, the cork oak forest can sequester up to 73 tons of CO2.




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  • Preserve and protect

    Since 2013, Corticeira Amorim has organised and coordinated a Forestry Intervention Programme, developed in close partnership with forestry producers, research institutions and local authorities that aims to ensure the maintenance, preservation and enhancement of cork oak forests and guarantee continuous production of high-quality cork.

  • Grain to grain commitment

    The Corkeen system was born from the desire to contribute to and to support a socially beneficial way of life, looking out for the environmental interests and well-being of families.

    To produce Corkeen, we guarantee full utilization of harvested material, ensuring that, just as in Nature, nothing is lost and everything is transformed. Even the smallest cork granules are used as a valuable energy source.


Building on the expertise and reputation of the Amorim Group, Corkeen brings to the markets a differentiating solution that meets society's current and future needs. Created from a natural, reusable and recyclable raw material, Corkeen helps to combat waste and create a more harmonious relationship between human beings and the environment.

Choosing cork as a material in our daily lives is choosing a conscious lifestyle.

Because the Future is Today.

Sustainable by nature

As a leader of the cork industry, sustainability, technology and innovation are intrinsic pillars of our culture and strategy. We focus on R&D that result in products and solutions with unparalleled advantages, including reducing the carbon footprint of the end product, saving energy or water, cleaning the environment, improving indoor air quality and promoting well-being and comfort.

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