Eden Project, Cornwall, United Kingdom

Corkeen System installed in an environmental center that houses one of the world’s biggest tropical greenhouses Case Studies

Corkeen and the Eden Project – The perfect match

The Eden Project is a large botanical garden and environmental center, located in Cornwall, UK. With an area of about 13 hectares, it has two large dome-shaped greenhouses, which recreate the natural biomes of the tropical forest and the Mediterranean climate, housing thousands of species of plants from throughout the world.

In 2022, the Eden project decided to remodel one of the circulation corridors, which is subject to a high level of daily traffic of visitors and chose the Corkeen system for the flooring solution.In addition to being permeable and highly resistant, the Corkeen system is made from cork — a raw material of 100% natural, sustainable and recyclable origin — that has a negative carbon balance of -102 kg CO2 eq/m2.

The solution is therefore fully aligned with Eden Project’s core nature conservation principles.

Cork substitutes turf

The new flooring solution in the Eden Project complex was installed by PlaySmart UK, the Corkeen brand master for the UK market.

The area where the Corkeen system was applied was initially covered by natural turf. However, due to weather conditions and the constant passage of visitors, the natural turf was in a poor state of repair during long periods of the year. To overcome this problem, the park also tested a synthetic turf solution. However, given this solution’s environmental impact, they were looking for an option that is both ecological and resistant, in order to offer the best possible conditions to visitors.


The old turf was therefore removed and the Corkeen system was applied in two layers in the circulation corridor: a shock-absorbing base layer and a wear-resistant top layer.

The circulation corridor can now be used safely and comfortably throughout the year regardless of the weather conditions. Given the high drainage capacity of the Corkeen system, the floor remains dry and non-slippery, even on rainy days.

  • Client: The Eden Project
    Installment: PlaySmart UK
    Year of installation: 2022
    Dimensions: 125 m2

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Applied solution

Corkeen Play Original was installed in situ to a depth of 40mm by PlaySmart UK, the Corkeen brand master for the UK market. The system is applied in two layers - a shock- absorbing base layer and a wear-proof top layer.

Why choose the Corkeen system?

Brand Master: PlaySmart UK

PlaySmart UK is the Corkeen brand master for the UK market.

With more than 20 years of operations in the market, PlaySmart UK specializes in surfaces for play, recreation and leisure spaces. It offers a wide range of sustainable and durable flooring solutions, that it has already applied in hundreds of schools, sports venues and other public and private projects across the UK.



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