Varsaw, Poland

Corkeen system replaces rubber flooring in a school playground Case Studies

A safe, healthy and closer to nature solution

The municipality of Warsaw chose the Corkeen system for the resurfacing of a small playground located in one of the school and kindergarten complexes in the residential district of Wawer.

The old safety floor, produced in EPDM/SBR, was fairly degraded and the municipality was looking for a safe, sustainable and accessible solution, permitting use of the space by children in wheelchairs or other mobility support equipment.

The Corkeen system was chosen. It is made of cork, a raw material of 100% natural, recyclable and renewable origin, with negative CO<span style="vertical-align: sub; font-size: smaller;">2</span> emissions and free from all types of toxins and chemicals.

During the installation process, Eco Top, the Corkeen brand master for the Polish market, removed the rubber plates, which had become unstable and slippery and applied the new cork flooring.

Over the coming years, the municipality aims to gradually renovate the various municipal playgrounds in the capital. The goal is to create “forest playgrounds” using innovative and ecological materials so that children can play closer to nature.

“The new surface looks natural and beautiful. It is odourless and, most important of all, it provides 100% safety for children while using the playground.”

Justyna Podstawska, Director at Eco Top (Corkeen Brand Master in Poland)

  • Client: Warsaw City Hall - School and Kindergarten Complex no. 9

    Installer: Eco Top

    Year of installation: 2021

    Size: 82 m2

    Critical fall height: 1,6 m

    WAWeR AFTER (1).jpg

Applied solution

Corkeen Play Original was installed by Eco Top, the Corkeen Brand Master for the Polish market. The system was applied in situ in two layers, a shock-absorbing base layer and a wear-proof top layer.

Developed and produced by Amorim in accordance with strict safety standards (EN1176 and EN1177), the Corkeen system offers state-of-the-art technical performance and maximum safety for children, with a 5-year warranty.

Why choose the Corkeen system?

Brand Master: Eco Top

Eco Top is the Corkeen Brand Master for the Polish market.

Founded in 2008, Eco Top specializes in the construction of sports and recreational surfaces, with the installation of artificial turf systems and other polyurethane projects in its portfolio. Attentive to market demands, it has been focusing its offer on solutions with reduced environmental impact, such as the Corkeen system, for which it is the exclusive representative in Poland.


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