Bergen, Norway

Municipality chose Corkeen system as an alternative to rubber surfaces in children's playgrounds Case Studies

Cork: safety and sustainability

The municipality of Bergen has chosen a small playground at Nordnesparken, a public park located near the city center, as the pilot for the Corkeen system. Developed and produced by Amorim, this system offers a retained fall protection for playgrounds made of natural cork.

The Corkeen pilot is part of the ongoing project by the Norwegian municipality to select a safer and more sustainable material to replace rubber flooring of all children's playgrounds in the city.

Concerned about the environmental impact of rubber, namely the possibility of releasing microplastics, the municipality had, for several years, been looking for a more environmentally friendly alternative surface. 


Cork was an interesting solution and the Corkeen system is now being tested to assess its durability, as well as its resistance to the harsh Norwegian weather. The municipality also intends to study the total carbon footprint of this solution in order to ensure that it is the best option from an environmental perspective.

Once these requirements are met, the rubber surfaces of the children's playgrounds in the city of Bergen will be gradually replaced by the Corkeen system, starting with the most deteriorated ones, which present a greater risk of microplastics release.

Client: municipality of Bergen

Installer: Sandvik Play

Year of installation: 2020

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Client: municipality of Bergen

Installer: Sandvik Play

Year of installation: 2020

Applied solution

After removing the old rubber floor, Corkeen Play Original was installed in situ by Sandvik Play, Corkeen Brand Master for the Norwegian market.

The system consists of two layers, a shock absorbing base layer and a wear-resistant top layer. It complies with the EN1176 and EN117 safety standards and has a 5-year warranty.

The playground equipment has also been renovated.

Advantages of the Corkeen system

Brand Master: Sandvik Play

Sandvik Play is the Corkeen Brand Master for the Norwegian market.

The company specializes in urban furniture, equipment for play and recreational spaces and outdoor sports solutions. Sustainability, safety, and fun for children are the main values that guide the company's performance. In addition to being certified for the installation of the Corkeen system, Sandvik Play is also recognized as a training entity for new installers in Norway.


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