Skanör, Sweden

Installation of Corkeen system in a city park playground Case Studies

Corkeen as the choice that promotes the value of nature

The landscape architecture firm, Edge, has designed a playground using the Corkeen system in the heart of the city park in Skanör, in the municipality of Vellinge.

This children's playground is located in the city park in Skanör, close to a cluster of pedestrian paths.

The landscape architecture firm, Edge, was chosen by the municipality of Vellinge to develop this project, which had to reflect the community’s two principal goals: to preserve the ecosystem and promote the value of nature.

The Ant in the city park

Edge began by meeting the children living in the community and listened to their thoughts and desires for this project. This inspired creation of the black tree ant as the landmark of the park, a symbol of the surrounding nature and ecosystem of this part of Sweden.

At the same time, the Corkeen system was chosen for the fall surfacing in the playground, since it combines safety, accessibility and sustainability in a single solution.

“Sweden is one of the leading countries in Europe in terms of finding solutions for more environmentally friendly products for playgrounds. The Corkeen system complies with microplastic reduction requirements, which are mandatory in some of Sweden’s municipalities.”

Erik Hedberg, Sales manager, Nordic Surface (Corkeen Brand Master in Sweden)

  • Client: PEAB

    Landscape architects: Edge

    Installer: Nordic Surface

    Year of installation: 2021

    Size: 160 m2

    Critical fall height: 58 m2 with 1,4m; and 102 m2 with 2,08 m.


Applied solution

Corkeen Play Original was installed in situ by Nordic Surface, Corkeen Brand Master for the Swedish market. The system is applied in two layers, a shock absorbing base layer and a wear-resistant top layer.

Developed and produced by Amorim in accordance with strict safety standards (EN1176 and EN1177), the Corkeen system offers state-of-the-art technical performance and maximum safety for children, with a 5-year warranty.

Why choose the Corkeen system?

Brand Master: Nordic Surface

Nordic Surface is the Corkeen Brand Master for the Swedish market.

The company has extensive experience in the installation of playgrounds and shares Corkeen’s values: innovation and sustainability. The know-how and quality of service provided make it the ideal choice for proven results. In addition to being certified for the installation of the Corkeen system, Nordic Surface is also recognized as a training entity for new installers in Sweden:


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