Nordic Surface won the Sustainability Award in Sweden with the Corkeen system

Swedish Corkeen Brand Master Nordic Surface received a Sustainability Award for using the Corkeen solution. News

The distinction was given in an innovation competition promoted by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, which considered Corkeen as a safe, sustainable, and environmentally friendly solution.

Sweden is one of the leading countries regarding finding a solution for more environmentally friendly products for playgrounds. Many municipalities have already forbidden artificial grass and rubber as products for playgrounds, in a constant effort to reduce micro plastics.

  • For a more sustainable way to play

    "An exciting material that can solve the micro plastic challenge", so the jury justified its choice of the winner in the innovation competition organized by IVL with funding from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. The competition is part of the work towards a more sustainable use of plastic and has taken place during this autumn and winter.


Nordic Surface, the first Corkeen brand master

Since the launch of the Corkeen system, in 2019, Nordic Surface already has more than 40 projects in Sweden, in a total of more than 3 500 m2 of cork installed in playgrounds. For 2021, another 30 projects are planned in the pipeline.

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Nordic Surface Website (in Swedish only)


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