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07 . Jun . 2021
Our mission

Creating safe and sustainable playgrounds and leisure spaces for everyone.

26 . Jul . 2017
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Case Studies 22 . Jul . 2022
Case Studies
Brand Master: Retromax

Retromax is the Corkeen Brand Master for the Southeast Asian market. Operating since 1998, Retromax is dedicated to the development of safe, fun and accessible outdoor leisure and play spaces. With a strong commitment to service quality and a very experienced team, it is the right partner for innovative and sustainabl…

Case Studies 09 . Jan . 2023
Case Studies
Brand Master: PAG Flooring Systems

PAG Flooring Systems is the Corkeen brand master for the German market. Based in the city of Wendeburg, Germany, PAG Flooring Systems specialises in the planning, installation and maintenance of flooring systems for leisure and recreation spaces. Operating in the market since 2010, it is a reference in the sector, wit…

Articles 14 . Nov . 2018
Safer and more accessible playgrounds – Corkeen by Amorim

Given its positive contribution to outdoor and leisure areas, urban parks and playgrounds, cork can be used as a safe, stable and sustainable surface, due to its main characteristics: lower surface temperature, impact absorption, odorless, drainage capacity, lightweight, fire-retardant and hypoallergenic. Additionally,…

Case Studies 12 . Oct . 2022
Case Studies
Brand Master: PlaySmart UK

PlaySmart UK is the Corkeen brand master for the UK market. With more than 20 years of operations in the market, PlaySmart UK specializes in surfaces for play, recreation and leisure spaces. It offers a wide range of sustainable and durable flooring solutions, that it has already applied in hundreds of schools, sports…

Case Studies 10 . Nov . 2022
Case Studies
Brand Master: Realsport

Realsport is the Corkeen Brand Master for the Swiss marketTrading in the Swiss market for over 60 years, Realsport is a leading supplier for the design and development of indoor and outdoor sports and leisure venues. With six branches across Switzerland and 250 employees, it works with professional sports clubs as wel…

Case Studies 28 . May . 2024
Case Studies
Brand Master: Urbanplay

Urbanplay is the Corkeen Brand Master for the Chile market. With 20 years of experience, Urbanplay develops, promotes and enhances urban leisure spaces for children and young people. In addition to innovation in design, our Brand Master values quality and safety as fundamental principles in its projects. The company i…

News 05 . Apr . 2022
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The carbon balance of the Corkeen system, a revolutionary impact-absorbing surface solution for play, leisure and recreational spaces, is -102kg CO2 eq/m2. This means that the Corkeen system promotes carbon sequestration in the cork oak forest that exceeds the CO2 emissions from its production. The Environmental Footpr…


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